Gambling is a serious industry with it is a real Money.

Gambling is a serious industry with it is a real Money.

Casino Gambling – The Inside Track

Hello! my name is John Batya and I am an experienced expert Roulette as well as Black Jack player. My day is spent in the casino and it is astonishment to me how many players have no idea what they’re doing when playing with their hard-earned cash. Consequently, I see the people who are losing money in a way that is not necessary.

I hate to witness this happening so frequently and I have made the decision to share some of my effective Betting Strategies that I use. Remember, casinos operate to take your money in a pain-free way: They give you free drinks, free shows , often free meals, free travel and other freebies. Since it is a free world, there is absolutely nothing against that. It’s also right sexygaming for you to enter the casino with knowledge of how to defend yourself.

If you are a gambler in a casino, you need to adopt an “must win” attitude. Gambling is a serious industry with it is a real Money will be at stake. If people claim that they play strictly for recreational purposes It isn’t true!

I have listed a series of Betting Strategies that you can select from. These strategies have been utilized by the top professionals working in the field. These will help you get you going. Start to experiment using your own variants and create your own strategy for the game you like best. Start by mastering the basics ideas and then add in your own unique creative flair.

This information is for:

1.) Amateurs, who come to the Casino for entertainment.

Fun, in that you enjoy the show, enjoy free drinks and having lost very little or nothing when leaving the Casino. Why not make it good fun?Good Fun as in: All of the above and leaving the casino with more money in your wallet than when you entered it. My aim is to ensure you have Good Fun in the casino.

2.) Professionals, who would like to make 500 units per session.

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A casino that, for a nominal fee*, you can bet cash money on the outcome of a perfect (unbiased) coin-toss or series of coin-tosses. Should you be successful you will receive money.

*(The amount is the amount that casinos charge in the form of the House-Edge. It is usually between 1.35% and 18 percent of the wager)


Roulette is one of the Negative anticipation game. This means it’s certain – in the long term – that it is not possible to be successful. Roulette, in fact, is just like Life itself: In the long-term it is certain that we will die. In the short-term however, the life is relaxing!

This is the way it is with roulette: In the short run we could make some nice money, but only if we aren’t at the table too long.


The amount you’ve put aside for playing and also the amount you could manage to risk losing. This could be the amount you’re planning to play with that you have set aside for the night or the amount that you’d like to bet on a specific table or game at the time frame you have set. The greater the bankroll size, the higher your chances of success. (Money is similar to ammunition. Don’t leave your home empty handed!) Your bankroll size is a crucial aspect. A majority of losers wager excessively with respect to their bankroll. Don’t play with a smaller bankroll than the one the one I recommend for every strategy!

Warning: The casino wants your bankroll and will do everything that is legally possible to acquire it.


Return-On-Bankroll: Just a different name for Return-On-Investment. A crucial element in gambling because the majority of losses are incurred after being on the brink at some point or another. People become enthralled by their immediate success and the greed takes over and they decide to throw everything out the window. They leave the casino with an unprofitable balance, despite having made a profit later in the evening. Sounds familiar?

ROB is always expressed in percentage and measured in money. The lower you set the percentage of ROB that you have set, the higher the likelihood of winning. Stick to your pre-determined ROB for if you wish to rob the casino!


‘Life can be about managing your expectations’ (Jean Bateau)

If you are going to a casino there is a need to create an arrangement: There needs to be an expectation and each person will have different expectations.

If the plan is to double the bankroll, the chances of success are significantly lower than if the expectation is to take 20% of the bankroll. The odds to ROB 20 percent are 87%. The likelihood of ROBBING 100% are only 9 %. (Versus loss of money)

I’m sharing a list that includes Betting Strategies that can help to meet your particular goal.

I have evaluated them as Extremely Aggressive, Aggressive, Mildly Aggressive, conservative and fun. These are Progressive betting systems, whereby bets rise when you use your personal funds. It is risky to use these strategies, and there is no guarantee that you will always win. Be aware that the occasional bad streak is likely to happen, just as sure as the occasional lucky streak can happen. You can incorporate safeguards into your strategy for your own comfort. This can be accomplished by limiting the progression to a level at which you are comfortable.

Important note: for all methods recommended, do not spend too much time at one table. When you do this, no person will be aware of what you’re doing. Don’t make more than $ 1,000 or equivalent per table, because this could make the Casino aware and you may become the center of eye, which is precisely what you do not want.

Very Aggressive:

A lot of action! Concentration is required. No alcohol is allowed. Adrenaline-rushes.


Good amount of movement! There is no need for concentration – following practicing. Alcohol is allowed. Adrenaline-rushes.

Mildly Aggressive:

It’s easy to track without too excessive concentration! Alcohol permitted. There are fewer adrenaline rushes.


Lots of action! Concentration required. Alcohol is permitted. Some adrenaline rushes are permitted. These strategies are intended to keep you at the casino for long hours, without major damage and possibly some decent earnings.


You could or might not earn money. There is lots of action, and generally, you win chips. Make sure to play only if the drinks are free It is a great way to enjoy your time at the Casino! You’ll have a great time at the casino, without having to worry about big loss or large profit.


Establish your account balance (i.e. maximum loss) and do not lose more than that amount. If the bankroll is lost Take a walk! And come back another day.

Set your profit-objective and when you reach it: WALK! Come back the next day.

Tables with one zero with surrender rules or “en prison” rules whenever there is a table. (Normally throughout Western Europe and hard to locate throughout the Americas).

A few things that you must know about roulette-mathematics:

It’s an absolute CERTAINTY that bets on outside odds will be even. That means that after a hundred of times there’ll be one moment in which black and red come up the same number of times. However, the timing is infinite, which means that this information is useless, since we only think about the short-term.

It’s also an CERTAINTY that if Bob and Fred play a coin in a neutral manner or two, either Bob or Fred will be ahead after the first 100 times. It is also a CERTAINTY that in only five percent of instances either one will be ahead of the other in the near future. This means that you must look very carefully at recent history in order to decide which bets to make. If red has been featured a significant number of times higher than black, it’s reasonable to conclude that black will not turn up a significant number of times more frequently than red in the near-term. This is a crucial fact, as most people are inclined to place bets in “regression to the mean” this means they will tend to think that red and black will appear an equal amount of times in the short-term. THIS IS NOT THE CASE. With this knowledge, you can be mistaken in your choice of color (or betting zone) less than five percent of the times and 5% of the time! The casino doesn’t understand this, and, fortunately for casinos, most players are unaware of this enigma. This information is extremely important when it comes to the d’Alembert and Parlay betting strategies.


Luck plays a significant role in the world of casinos. The strategies discussed on this site do not require luck, but Lady Luck is always welcome.

The betting strategies I have discussed require no bad luck. You will only lose if you are a victim of luck. Because you typically play only one side There are four options:

1.) You may have luck (profitable on your behalf)

2) The table is balanced (profitable in your favor)

3) You’ve had some unfortunate fortune (still profitable for you)

4) You have bad luck (You lose)

It is impossible to recognize bad luck until it has happened. The same is true for luck. You won’t realize that you’re on an unlucky streak until it has materialized.

This, my friends, is the reason casinos remain in business!

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